3 Top Food Bites To Buy At Yokohama Chinatown!

Spending some time in Yokohama, I was finally able to head down to Chinatown to take a look at some of the sights. For those wishing to venture beyond Chinatown and experience Yokohama's rich culinary history as a foreign port, Savor Japan also has an extensive guide to other Yokohama-area restaurants that are sure to provide a delicious and memorable dining experience.
What you find in a Japanese Chinatown won't be the exact same as visiting a city like Shanghai, but it comes a lot closer than chain restaurants like the 食べ放題 中華街 Japanese-Chinese Bamiyan.” There are dozens of restaurants filling every street, and most of them offer similar dishes for about the same price.

Although Sichuan cooking is usually known for its spiciness, Shinkinko offers something for every palate, with over 100 dishes on the menu, including items for those with slightly more mild sensibilities, as well as food that pairs perfectly with beer.
Not just a place for buying great souvenirs and eat Chinese food, the area has grown so much in space and variety that you'll find traditional foods from all over Asia here, including Korean Barbecue, Vietnamese pho and banh mi, and Taiwanese dumplings.
The hidden treasure of Yokohama Chinatown restaurants, Hisuiro Shinkan is the sister restaurant to the flagship Hisuiro Honkan, and its head chef—who hails from Fujian, China—previously worked at the flagship location before taking over at Hisuiro Shinkan.

5-minute walk south of Chinatown, in the district of Kotobukicho, one of the poorest neighborhoods (a slum) of Yokohama with a rather peculiar story behind, there are some particularly cheap hostels, the Hostel Village , the Porto Hostel , the A Silk Tree hostel This area is not dangerous.
Most of the shops in this town are Chinese restaurants, cafes, groceries and antique shops. You can also enjoy our extensive buffet station of over 50 dishes, featuring an assortment of exquisite salads, fruits, appetizers and desserts, all to your heart's content.

Cafe OMNIBUS is on first floor of triangular building—the YCC Yokohama Creative City Center—near the exit of Bashamichi Station. It feels like the twenty-one million visitors have all chosen to come here today, as both sides of the streets are packed full with people.
Yokohama Chinatown is not only the largest Chinatown in Japan, but in all of Asia. The Japanese love their sweet curry and are proud to have it in many varieties, including the curry doughnuts that are popular in Yokohama since the recipe was invented in the 1920s.

Located amidst of the Yokohama harbor, Yamashita Park known for its greenery, perfect shopping area @china town with a tasty Indian cuisine @nakshatra what more can you ask for a perfect day outing with family and friends. Yokohama Chinatown district is Japan's largest.
Shanthi Deli is renowned as one of Yokohama's best Indian restaurants and for good reason. Since it's the end of the day, it's time to say goodbye to Yokohama. The number of dishes to choose from increases with price. The appellation hai-kara, referring to the high collars favored by Victorian fashions of the day, conveyed the curiosity, affection and esteem the Japanese reserved for all things Western.
That was when I noticed a stark difference between Japanese and Chinese food culture. As a kind of quiet sister city to Tokyo, Yokohama is a fantastic place to visit and get to know. Yokohama Chinatown also boasts a generous selection of Chinese supermarkets, where you can buy the ingredients to even the most elusive of sino-culinary desires.

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